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    ADDJingxin Street,, East Renmin Road, Hengshui City, Hebei
    About Us
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    Haiwei Group is located in Hebei Province Jing County Economic Development Zone was established in 1992; from the capital Beijing 270Km, 200Km Jinan International Airport, east of Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, South Shi-De Railway, too Tsing Highway, West adjacent to the Beijing-Kowloon Railway. 104,105,106 State Road through the territory, transportation is very convenient.
    Haiwei Group Company is a set of road materials, advanced flexible packaging materials, electronic materials research, production and promotion of high-tech enterprises; under the three pillar industries of the Hebei Haiwei Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd., Hebei Haiwei BOPP Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Hebei Haiwei Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.. Group covers an area of 900 acres, and 2.05 billion yuan in fixed assets. Has passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification.
    Haiwei Group is high-tech enterprise of Hebei Province, the provincial Agricultural Bank of China "AAA grade credit enterprise", the Ministry of Agriculture "brand-name key enterprises, the Ministry of Agriculture," total quality management standard enterprise "; has won national, provincial and ministerial levels dozens of certificate of honor.
    The main products are: polymer modified bitumen, expansion joints and joint materials; general-purpose packaging film, pearl film, matt film, tobacco film, capacitors with ultra-thin metal membrane, crude membrane, high temperature film. The products have been awarded the title of national, provincial and municipal quality products, new product.
    Haiwei group with advanced management decision-making, excellent product quality and excellent pre-sales, after-sales service, based on the country and the world, explore the overseas market, through the strengthening of international cooperation and exchange and implementation of market economy, globalization strategy , met with more than ten countries in Europe, America, Africa, the establishment of a partnership, and these international customers, partners, and promote Haiwei the establishment of the Group's sales network in the international market products.
    We would like to sincere enthusiasm and tireless efforts with friends from all walks of life to establish a broad partnership, mutual benefit and common development, and advancing with the times; join hands in creating brilliant tomorrow! Group according to the product scale, species diversity, organizational group, social capital, diversification of financing, management, modern approach to development. According to the domestic and international market trends. Continuous adjustment of product structure, to achieve the Group by leaps and bounds. Strive to build the country has a dominant position of road materials, BOPP film development, production base.
    The founder of the first-class enterprise, is the relentless pursuit of the sea of great men; create first-class quality is a permanent commitment of the sea great; the creation of first-class brand, harbor great confidence to win. Opportunities and challenges in, glorious and dreams coexist! Haiwei management changes, backed by excellent corporate culture, through the implementation of a diversified, international development strategy, will usher in a more brilliant tomorrow!

  1. ADDJingxin Street,, East Renmin Road, Hengshui City, Hebei
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