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    Haiwei group's 2012 work summary recognition and 2013 work mobilization meeting

    authorHebei Haiwei Group sourcewww.faveee.com Published time2017-8-22 Browse through  baidu

    Haiwei group held the 2012 summing up and 2013 work mobilization meeting, and the county governor of jingxian county, zhou da, attended the meeting and spoke. During the meeting, comrade zhou da hai wei group 2012 achievements gave full affirmation, and the development of hai wei group, a new pattern, innovation pioneer spirit of enterprise and the development of the speed gave high evaluation. Kinghsien county government comrade zhou da, hai wei group in the New Year to continue to seize opportunities, emancipate the mind, innovation thinking, innovation mechanism, innovation management, innovation management, set up strong brand consciousness, combining both inside and outside to strengthen personnel training, improve staff quality, strengthening the construction of enterprise culture, strive to create a "rigorous, innovative, high quality, cooperation, high efficiency, good faith" enterprise culture, efforts to hai wei group to create a world-class, domestic leading group co., LTD.

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